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No one likes being approached by police. It’s a scary, confusing and trying time for anyone who finds themselves in such a situation. The first step is not to panic, which may be tougher than it seems. Knowing your rights when you are stopped and questioned by a cop is the first step to becoming more comfortable with these situations.

From questioning and detainments to frisks and interrogations, knowing just what your rights are every step of the way can help you avoid some major mistakes that could cost you in the end. Remember, the best defense is to stay informed about what is happening, and what you legally can and cannot do in any given situation.

If you find yourself being unjustly arrested anywhere in the New York City area, claim your right to a lawyer and call The Law Office of Mahmoud R. Rabah. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Mr. Rabah knows the ins and outs of the legal system to protect your rights while fighting for your innocence every step of the way. Don’t let police stop confusion cost you in the end, know your rights and contact Mr. Rabah today!