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If you have never faced any DUI charges in New York before, you may experience some challenges in choosing a good lawyer who will help protect your rights. Not knowing what to look for in a lawyer when facing DUI charges may make the process seem more complicated for you.  You should focus on finding a lawyer who is both highly trained and competent. New York DUI lawyers should be in a position to evaluate both the legal and factual defenses of your case.

First Steps to Hiring a DUI Lawyer

The first step to hiring New York DUI lawyers is to develop a list of potential lawyers that you are willing to work with. You can start by making reference to directories in either online or on print sources. While going through the directories, look for lawyers who deal with DUI charges in New York or those who are specialized in drunk driving cases. You should note that the results of your search are not a guarantee of the lawyer’s ability but help in weeding out lawyers who don’t handle DUI cases.

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Get Referrals

While you can easily find New York DUI lawyers in online directories, always make a point of seeking personal recommendations from coworkers, relatives, friends or business contacts who have faced DUI charges before. You may also seek recommendations for good lawyers from attorneys in other fields of law.

Below are some critical points to consider when seeking referrals:

  • Level of client satisfaction on a lawyer’s services.
  • The lawyer’s relationship with the prosecutor’s office.
  • The lawyers ethical conduct.
  • The lawyer’s skill and knowledge of DUI cases.

Researching DUI Lawyers

Once you have created a list of potential lawyers who deal with DUI cases in New York, take time to research and find out more about them.  Go to the state bar website to find out whether the lawyers on your list are licensed and whether they have disciplinary histories or not. By checking their past, you will be able to tell who among them has a good reputation and who doesn’t.

Apart from reviewing a potential lawyer on the state bar website, you should conduct an online search to find out what past clients say about your prospective New York DUI lawyers. You will find good feedback on consumer sites such as Yelp as well as Google review. Avoid lawyers who deal in a dozen areas of law or those who classify their practice as “general”, you are not gambling but looking for someone with an in-depth understanding of DUI law.

Schedule Personal Consultation with DUI Lawyers

Once you have isolated, compiled and carried a background search of the potential New York DUI lawyers; make every effort to meet each of them independently to discuss your case. That will give you the opportunity to scrutinize the lawyers up and close. During the consultation, compare their answers, charges, qualifications as well as your comfort level with each of the lawyers. Once you analyze all these factors, you can decide who to work with keeping in mind that your freedom and driver’s license is in the hands of the lawyer.

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